• Scott

    "When you're in the trees, the repetitiveness of plucking and placing is almost meditative, and you're so engaged in thinking that sometimes its overwhelming.
    After three hours of it, not even because you're tired or anything, you just have to take a break because you've already deconstructed yourself so much you cant handle it"

  • Ana & Dave's trucks

    I met Ana on my first day at the orchard. We connected over her film camera, which she'd happened to have just dug out of a box the day before I turned up. She showed me pictures of her children over the years, in all the places they'd visited from the mountains in Wales to Cherry orchards in the South of England.

    I had taken a portrait of Ana herself sat in the doorway of her truck, but unfortunately something went wrong in the developing process and I lost it.

  • Mai

  • Janek

  • Eddie

    Eddie is one of the most experienced pickers at the orchard, having worked there for the past 30 years.
    He no longer picks, but instead manages the farm, using tractors and forklifts to ferry the apples around

  • Leo & Eli


  • Dreaming of a time


The Pickers - Rye 2020

The Pickers